A Love Affair with Hair

Christopher Stephens Salon West Palm BeachI started my life, fingers wrapped ‘round my mother’s hair, twirling it softly while songs of lullaby and scents of lavender and honeysuckle waft ‘round in the air.

I then soon grew and whom do I meet, but my first-grade teacher, so different, so sweet. Her hair of deep brown locks; oh, gee, she’s so neat: I look for her hugs, as it grazes my cheek.

Sarah is my true love, we’re only ten years old; just eight more to wait and I can marry her! Hair of bright red, like an apple or flame; I love her so much: I’ll give her pigtail a tug. “Ouch!”

I’m now fifteen; I love no one, but me. I grew my hair long for the entire world to see. Mom and Dad on my back, God, they never get me. Next, I’ll turn it to dreadlocks and then they’ll both freak!

Three years went by; all grown up now; a man. Traded in my blue jeans, now I’m wearing Army greens. “Dear Mom: They shaved my head today. I miss you and Dad so much! Love, Jody”.

Her hair is light blonde and shines bright in the sun, like the rarest of gold. Jenny Miller’s the one! I’m now thirty-two; it’s time for a wife. Now I surely do see the true meaning of life.

 I hold in my hands the most precious of gifts. Not a stitch of a hair, not even a strand. I look at our son, the wonder to be, and dream of his fate. What things will he see?

The years have flown by, our kids have now grown: My true love, my Jenny, God rest her soul, her once long, blonde hair, turned grey, is now gone.

“What’s this?” I laugh, “This bundle I see, it’s my newborn grandchild, here laying with me.” As she then wraps her fingers and twirls on my hair, all comes into focus, I truly can see! The love affair with hair does not end here with me. ©

-An Original Poem by Stephen Ramsey

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