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Facial Exercises - Looking Younger The Natural Way

Chris Nelder

Posted on June 21 2017

Having a vibrant youthful appearance is what we all want, but after a certain stage (or is that age?) in our life keeping that look can be a bit daunting, but so what. It's never too late to take care of our health and appearance--whether we're 30 or 60. The following facial exercises used together with anti-aging skin care treatments can be a definite win-win proposition!

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The main reason our facial muscles sag is lack of muscular and facial exercise. Like any other muscle of the body, constant facial exercise can make these facial muscles expand and develop, thereby removing the sagging look. Wrinkled skin, on the other hand, has been shown that it can be made elastic again through regular application of friction.

Place a small amount of moisturizing lotion to minimize irritation (not too much, otherwise there will be no more friction), on the areas which usually tend to sag, such as the cheeks, the throat, the chin, the forehead and around the eyes. Start with a slight, circular friction on the surface areas, which should gradually increase in pressure but not too hard that you wind up irritating your face. This facial exercise will progressively restore the elasticity of your skin and smoothen out the wrinkles.

To exercise your facial muscles, use the heel of your palm. Using slight pressure, massage your cheeks and other parts of the face in circular motion. Then open your mouth as wide as possible, without hurting yourself, and spread your cheeks out as if you were smiling. Then bring your bottom teeth up to meet your top teeth while holding the "smile." Continue doing that in a "circular" motion by closing your mouth and repeating. This facial exercise process will build up the muscles and fill those sunken areas around the eyes and the cheeks. Excercise your chin and throat by pushing your jaw out.

Apply equal amount of pressure to your entire face so all of muscles are worked uniformly. Do these facial exercises a few minutes everyday. Do them even while you are watching the TV, and you'll soon see a younger looking you.

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