For All You Do, This Blow Dry's for You

Christopher Stephens Salon West Palm BeachSo, you got the best haircut you've ever had in your life, but you're having trouble with your blow drying and styling techniques? This is a very common problem that I've heard from clients of the years. Many stylists fail to teach their clients the steps it takes to do an at home blow dry and many clients forget to watch and ask their stylist the important at home related questions. Don't panic though, I've been doing hair for a very long time and I can get you through this. Here are three, easy, at home tricks that you can try the next time you're having trouble styling your hair.

1. To keep waves smooth, apply a styling lotion to damp hair, let it air-dry. After your hair is completely dry flip your head over and give your hair a little scrunching; you can also add a bit of shine serum at this point if your hair is lacking radiance.

2. To add volume to wavy or curly hair apply a mousse or styling gel to damp hair. Diffuse on high heat, with low blow. (resist the urge to tousle) The more you touch your hair, the more likely you are to create frizz. 

3.  To make straight hair sleek, point the dryer toward the ends (using a nozzle attachment makes this even easier) going against the grain, even a little, can cause frizz. And keep blow-drying until every bit of dampness is gone. To further smooth out straight hair and add a sleek shine to the hair use a flat iron. Remember to open your flatiron once the ends of your hair are just inside the iron. Don't keep it clinched tight until the hair exits the iron, because it results in split ends.

These 3 simple at home techniques will ensure the perfect look.

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