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Men’s Perms And Everything You Need to Know...Here is a Before and After

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When you think of perms, do you think of big 80s hair? Then you may find it hard to believe that perms are trending again. But this time, guys are opting for a more modern twist on the classic look. A men’s perm is a hairstyle that can add texture, volume, and definition to men’s hair. Before getting a men’s perm, let’s discuss several factors, including hair type, length, and thickness.

But before diving into the world of men’s perms, let’s start by answering a fundamental question: what is a perm?

What Is a Perm?

A perm, short for “permanent wave,” and is a chemical process that alters the hair’s protein structure to create curls or waves that last, well, permanently (or until the hair grows out). Perms were originally popularized for men years ago and have definitely evolved over the years. 

Can a Man Get a Perm?

Absolutely! Men can definitely get perms. Hair is hair, whether man or woman. If you’ve always wanted curlier hair or volume, a perm can help you get a more wavy look without curling your hair after every wash. Perms also add natural-looking texture and volume to straight, fine, or thinning hair.

What to Consider Before Getting a Men’s Perm

1. Hair type- Generally, perms work best on hair that is not overly coarse or resistant to chemical treatments. Hair that is naturally straight or slightly wavy, perms work best.

2. Length – Shorter hair can be permed, but longer hair holds curls and texture better. 

3. Thickness – Thicker hair can create more defined curls, while thinner hair may produce looser waves. 

4. Hair Density – Perms can dry out and damage hair, leading to breakage. Though perms can make hair appear more voluminous, they may also be too damaging for individuals with low-density hair. Your hairstylist will be able to examine your hair and advise whether a perm is appropriate. 

How Long Does a Perm Last for Guys?

How long a men’s perm lasts depends on a few factors: Hair Length – As mentioned before, the hair that receives the perm treatment will stay wavy until it grows out. But if your hair is very short, that hair will noticeably grow out more quickly. 

Hair Growth Rate – The speed at which hair grows varies from person to person. But on average, hair grows about half an inch a month. The more quickly your hair grows, the less long your perm will last. The Tightness of the Curls/Waves – The initial tightness of the perm’s curls or waves may relax over time and gradually fade. Using perm-friendly hair products and avoiding excessive heat styling can help maintain curls. To maintain their perms, some individuals get touch-up perms or re-perm their hair every few months. If you wish to keep your perm, your hairstylist can advise you on how often to get touch-ups. Costs of perms vary depending on length of hair so it’s best if you come in for a consultation.

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