Wella Master Color Experts

Wella Master Color Expert Accreditation

Through a series of advanced education and exams, as well as ongoing trips to the Wella Studio in New York with practical projects and assessment with Wella Professional educators, Wella Color Experts attain the highest level of color accreditation from one of the world’s leading professional hair care companies. 

Master Colour Expert (MCE) is a title given once they have completed the industries most prestigious color program. The course is equivalent to a 12 month intensive Masters degree in coloring at Wella Studio's in New York. It involves in-depth science to the structure of a strand of hair and examine how different colors effect it, diets and hair growth/loss, and how the hair becomes grey. In-depth knowledge of color and structure of the hair also gives us a great understanding to color correction to how and why certain colors are used and expertise to what is achievable without compromising condition.

The course is divided into 4 stages, a timed exam takes place on the second stage with minimum pass rate in order to continue with stages 3 & 4. You are assessed throughout all stages of the course including practical days working alongside guest artists for inspiration and colour techniques. The final practical exam has to have a score of 85% or more to be awarded with the title 'Master Color Expert'.

Christopher Stephens Salon is one of the few salon's in South Florida with an MCE.


Christopher Stephens - Wella Master Color Experts