Lucky Man Texturizing Spray 8oz


Thickening Spray is a body-boosting primer that is part leave-in conditioner and part styling agent. As men tend to not use conditioners, this 2-in-1 primer contains high performance conditioning agents designed to bodify hair while giving excellent wet comb ease and provide dry comb styling memory retention. This spray provides extra body or curl control before applying the finishing styling products. Men with fine hair can use this spray to blow dry volume and extra fullness into the hair. Today’s modern POMP styles have a great deal of lift in the front and crown. Also, men with longer, curlier textures can use this primer to control their frizz/curls.

To use: spray LIBERALLY on damp hair and comb through.

Why you will Love it: Men with simple styling routines or shorter hair can use this conditioning, styling spray as their only fixative. Trendy men with sophisticated styles will love the extra volume, fullness and control this modern primer gives.

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