Lucky Man Water Wax 2oz


Water Wax is a fabulous water based finishing wax without “the wax”. This moldable, moderate holding pomade gives high sheen. This formula is completely re-workable and rinses perfectly clean from the hair—no build up. It is perfect to create the very popular, shiny-combed back or to the side, Elvis-like looks.

To use: Prime the hair with Thickening Spray to get lift at the scalp and blow dry in volume and fullness on finer textures. Then, rub a dime size or more of Water Wax into your hands and finger style through the hair. Comb for perfection or leave slightly separated. For the wet looking SLICK style with less volume, still spray the hair liberally with Thickening Spray, but comb hair into place, apply Water Wax and re-comb.

Why you will Love it: Gels and typical wax based pomades just can’t create that High Sheen, super fashion forward look. A must-have puck in any hipster’s hair care cache!

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