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Christopher Stephens Salon Team

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At Christopher Stephens we work as a team. Our top priority is your satisfaction - not our egos! If at any time you want to make a change, feel free to try any other team staff member of your choice within the salon and spa. So if you are a little bored or want a change - make it!  All our team staff members are required to attend regular training so you are assured you will receive the most up to date styles and spa services using the latest techniques and best products available. 

Our ultimate goal is to provide an exceptional quality of service with a mutually respectful relationship between our clients and staff.


Ashley Ashley Lopez - Hair Stylist
Licensed in 2006, with CS since June

Having been in the industry for over 10 years, she is an Aveda trained cosmetologist with a strong passion and flair for cutting and styling. With several advanced education seminars under her belt she strongly believes in keeping herself up to date with the latest styles and trends to create a unique look for each and every client that sits in her chair. Never one for taking shortcuts, she takes pride in the fact that she has never been the type of stylist to rush through a service. She believes that proper consultations with all clients and attention to detail is the difference between a good style and a great style. Call today so she can make you look and feel your absolute best.





TravisTravis Starr - Hair Stylist
Premier Stylist
Licensed in 2011, with CS since June 2016

After many years in the service industry, he finally realized his true destiny. At an early age Travis was inspired by his aunt, who has been a salon owner for over 30 years. Following a family tradition, he entered the cosmetology field five years ago. He has a passion for making people feel beautiful, whether through hair services or through skin care. He is a motivated, creative, artistic, and compassionate stylist and is truly gifted at accomplishing his goal of style. This internationally published stylist, both in print and online fashion magazines would eventually love to be involved in runway shows both nationally and internationally. Give us a call today so Travis can help you with your runway look today.





NikkiNikki St Pierre - Hair Stylist
Master Stylist
Ouidad Certified Stylist
Board Certified Hair Colorist
Licensed in 2010, with CS since June 2011

Meet Nikki…She is a is a Board Certified by the American Board Of Certified Hair Colorists and Full 
Stylist with Christopher Stephens.  She loves helping others look and feel their best. And with her great personality she will leave her mark not only on the outside, but the inside as well. She says she has known since a very early age that she wanted to be in the beauty industry, doing nails, waxing, or hair . It’s simply not just a job for her; it’s her passion.  Call 561.683.8079 to book your appointment with Nikki!




KristenKristen Garland - Hair Stylist
Master Stylist
Ouidad Certified Stylist

Board Certified Hair Colorists
Licensed in 2008, with CS since November 2012

Kristen is Certified by the American Board Of Certified Hair Colorists and with over 8 years of experience Kristen is always looking to give you the best look for you and your style.  She is always keeping up to date with current trends by actively seeking out education. Kristen strives for you to look and feel your best inside and out.  Whether its keeping up your current look or adding a little creative flare...shes there to make it happen. In addition with Kristen being a makeup artist she can help you with makeup recommendations to completely finish off your look!  Kristen is also our education and promotions coordinator.  Call today and request Kristen'll be glad you did! ...561.683.8079



StephenStephen Ramsey
Owner / Hair Stylist
Signature Stylist
Ouidad Certified Stylist

20 years ago Stephen entered the beauty industry with the dream of making his world a more beautiful place. His charm and wit are very evident the first moment that you meet him. His main goal is to not only make you look good on the outside, but to feel better about yourself on the inside as well. His genuine charisma and intuitive nature always insures a unique and rewarding experience. With his partner of 17 years, Christopher, and their team of professionals, it is his personal promise that upon leaving, you will return to the world with the looks and the confidence to back it up!



ChristopherChristopher Nelder
Owner / Hair Stylist
Signature Stylist
Board Certified Hair Colorist

For more than 18 years Chris has been coloring South Florida and is Certified by the American Board Of Certified Hair Colorists!.  He has a genuine regard and respect for your true self and a passionate desire to make you look and feel your best.  With the help of Stephen they together have transformed their business into a warm, clean, fresh and comfortable space.  Christopher, Stephen and a team of professionals hand selected for their expertise work together without egos to apply their craft meticulously with pride and passion to uplift how you feel about yourself.



LisaLisa Elefante - Salon Coordinator
With CS since April 2011

As an insider to the beauty industry...she knows her stuff. She is much more than just a receptionist. True she does answer the phones for you, take appointments, greet you as you walk in, assist you with product selections, ring you up after your services or product selections are completed, bring refreshments for you and keep things tidy and organized for you. Sure, she does all of that, but the difference is her charismatic energy, charm, wit and infectious smile. Has Lisa helped you yet? She's waiting for you with a smile.



HayleyHayley StPierre - Skin Care Specialist
Skin Care and Waxing Specialist
With CS since June 2016

Hayley definitely knows all about the skin problems our climate can cause. She has earned her stripes at Christopher Stephens with her warm, bubbly personality, her attention to detail and organizational skills, but this is all surpassed by the knowledge of her craft and passion for the industry. She says she chose this profession because she always had an interest in skin and how to take care of it. She says that helping others feel beautiful and giving them the knowledge of maintaining, preserving and repairing their skin makes her feel good. She realizes that when people look and feel good they are much happier and she wants to be a part of that happiness. As an esthetician, she performs many different services and she truly looks forward to working with her clients and helping them feel good about themselves. She strives to provide a quality service for every client and improve the health of their skin. With Hayley and Image Skin Care products you can become a more flawless and radiant you.   


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