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Our Christopher Stephens Professional Skin therapist, Hayley, offers services using only the highest quality skin care products. Each skin treatment given is individualized for your specific needs. Utilizing Image Skin Care  products we can take care of your every need. Our alluring range of spa facial treatments focus on naturally improving skin conditions by addressing specific concerns and customizing an in salon treatment plan and an at home regimen geared to your individual skincare needs. Every facial is preceded by a detailed skin analysis.

Image Skin Care West Palm Beach
Our skin care professional prefers the exclusive products from Image Skin Care line. Image Skin Care offers a complete line of personal-use skin care products that treat a wide range of skin concerns such as acne, anti-aging and dryness treatments. Image Skin Care is a leader in sophisticated personal skin care products. Let our skin care specialists consult with you today.

Skin Care Specialist West Palm Beach FacialMeet our Skin Specialist Hayley
Hayley says that helping others feel beautiful and giving them the knowledge of maintaining, preserving and repairing their skin makes her feel good. She realizes that when people look and feel good they are much happier and she wants to be a part of that happiness. As an esthetician, she performs many different services and she truly looks forward to working with her clients and helping them feel good about themselves. She strives to provide a quality service for every client and improve the health of their skin. With Hayley and Image Skin Care products you can become a more flawless and radiant you. 




*A 60-minute session includes 50 minutes of hands-on service and 10 minutes for consultation and dressing. A 90-minute session includes 80 minutes of hands-on service and 10 minutes for consultation and dressing.


(CS) Prescription Custom Facial  $85

A customized facial for your individual skin type needs and skincare concerns to balance, nourish, and protect your skin. Includes an extended facial massage, as well as arms & hand massage. 60 minutes.


(CS) Express Facial  $45

Created specifically for the person on the go, this customized Facial is uniquely designed to give maximum results in minimum time. Formulated to refresh, renew and revitalize, this treatment is customized for your skin type to reveal more youthful, healthy skin. 30 minutes.


(CS) Men's Facial  $85

Cleansing, clarifying and boosting energy will be the focus of this facial. Customized to the needs of male skin and their daily rituals, this treatment provides vitality and enhanced energy while soothing irritation from shaving and moisturizing the skin for long-lasting results. 60 minutes.


(CS) Back Renewal Facial  $85

Therapy for the back that synchronizes brightening exfoliation with soothing healing. A deep cleanse and relaxing massage removes impurities, restores the skin, and relaxes the mind. Includes a mask for the clients individual needs. Includes extractions as needed per individual. 60 minutes.


(CS) Back Acne Facial  $85

A 50 min deep pore cleansing to rid the skin of excess oils and stimulate circulation. Antibacterial ingredients are used to help prevent breakouts. Includes a therapeutic mask for the clients individual needs. Usually includes extensive extractions as needed per individual. 60 minutes.








Many skin imperfections are the result of sun exposure, clogged pores from dead skin cells, acne, and aging. These imperfections wreak havoc on our skin, leaving us with uneven skin tone, fine lines, scarring and a dull complexion. Chemical peels can drastically improve the appearance and health of the skin on the face, hands and neck by reducing or eliminating many of our skin imperfections. Peels leave the skin smoother, healthier, fuller, and tighter. IMAGE Skincare has designed a specific program for each skin type. Our licensed skincare professional can recommend what's best suited for your skin type and concern. Our systems include a targeted chemical peel along with products to enhance the recovery process post-treatment. Peels Are Our Forte!


(CS) Signature Face-lift  $145

Our signature results driven treatment combines Vitamin C, hydroxy acids and enzymes to speed up cellular renewal. New technology of centella stem cells support rosacea/redness prone skin and botanical detoxifying and energizing complexes give noticeable results in just one session. Includes Post Peel take home kit.


(CS) Oxygen Lift  $150

A revolutionary treatment designed to exfoliate, illuminate and oxygenate the skin. Using oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, peptides and specially concentrated enzymatic botanical's, O2 LIFT delivers a premium spa experience with immediate results. Includes Post Peel take home kit.


(CS) Perfection Lift  $145

This advanced resurfacing treatment uses an exclusive blend of hydroxy acids, retinol, stem cells and peptides for complexion “perfection.” Includes Post Peel take home kit.


For best results purchase a series of 6... Purchase 5 treatments...get 1 FREE!








(CS) Red Light Therapy  $35                  

Red: Minimizes fine lines & wrinkles, treats sun-damaged skin,
hyperpigmentation or rosacea.
 20 minutes.                                                             

(CS) Blue Light Therapy  $35

Blue: Treats acne and psoriasis by killing foreign bacteria, oxygenates skin, and fights infection. 20 minutes.            


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