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Do You Have The Seven Year Itch?

Chris Nelder

Posted on January 14 2011

Moisturizer As far as your heath and well being goes, dry skin isn't a big deal. But if you have a severe case, it can take the form of a maddening itch or may make you feel as though your skin is beset by hundreds of hungry fleas. Moisture can alleviate your skin woes.

After a warm shower or during a stressful day at work, relieve a little tension and soothe away the day's anxieties with Creative Scentsations lotions. This collection of aroma therapeutic moisturizers with a harmonious balance of scents quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving it soft, refreshed and delicately scented. Each lotion contains vitamins A and E and aloe vera for extra moisturizing. Creative Scentsations are scentsational for the mind and body. Soothe the body and the senses with all eleven scents.

Scentsations-lotions WHAT IT IS:

A hydrating lotion delicately scented with a blend of fragrances that absorbs immediately with a velvety feel.


Soothes dry skin and restores essential moisture.


Its unique blend of scents has long-lasting fragrance appeal. Not to mention that moisturized skin is healthier looking skin.

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