Why:  Itchy Irritated scalps are on the rise. Some common causes are stress, ageing, hair treatments like color, straighteners and perms, thermal styling tools and heat, pollution, swimming in chlorinated pools and salty oceans, ultraviolet radiation, over washing with high pH and salt basedshampoosunder washing and product build up 

20 years ago, general market consumers & salon clients averaged 6.7 shampooing per week. The act of shampooing not only cleanses the scalp of microbes and sebum but removes product buildup pollution and debris.Without regular cleansing and manual exfoliation (think fingers massaging the scalp surface) scalps can become more sensitive. In fact dandruff is an inflammatory scalp disorder.


Keeping scalps free of microbes, pollutants and product build up is paramount to lowering irritation. Scalp irritation can contribute to hair loss. Today shampooing has decreased significantly and latest figures has the average around 3 times per week. This means that many women are shampooing even less. According to Mintel research 82% of African American women purchase treatments for scalp conditions and as a demographic this group shampoos the least frequently.


What: To revitalize scalps, we need to focus on ingredients that can alleviate the conditions that can lead to scalp irritation. Our BioDandracomplex (Amara Wood, Horsetail plant, Black Walnut, Burdock Root, Geranium Extract, Rosemary Extract) is a specific blend of botanicals to soothe the skin and add antibacterial/anti-dandruff properties.

Also we need to gently turn skin cells over on the scalp and decongest pores (to encourage hair growth) by incorporating fruit acids and Vitamin C. Witch Hazel USP is our important carrier agent as it soothes skin and in fact it is often prescribed OTC to treat irritated skin on the other end -hemorrhoids.

Apple Cider Vinegar is wonderful at pH balancing the scalp and dissolving product residue. Hence our use in the Apple Cider and Pectin Shampoo for gentle color safe clarifying without drying. For those who infrequently shampoo we recommend following the Scalp Purifying Revitalizer with the Apple Cider and Pectin Shampoo. (We do not recommend returning to drug store shampoos contain drying Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Chloride (salt). Some like Pantene also contain Dimethicone know to build up on hair and scalp.

Note we do not use any fragrance in the product so once the product has a chance to work, you can tell the odor if any is removed.  

Who: Clients who report scalp sensitivity, have congested scalps and hair loss or clients who infrequently shampoo and have product build up and anyone with scalp odor.

When and How Use before each shampooing if only shampooing once per week. Shake well and spray close to the scalp for best coverage. Allow to remain for 3 minutes or more if client has heavy build up. Rinse and shampoo with color friendly sulfate free and salt free Apple Cider and Pectin.


1. Any client who only shampoos once per week and uses dry shampoo frequently should use Apple Cider and Pectin.  
2. Any client that has dry scalp (often age related) should use a few drops of penetrating Marula and Hemp oil to alleviate dryness.
3. Any client with irritated dry scalp should use the extremely gentle CBD Crème Cleanser  
4. Elixir contains sunscreen but because it is a hair product it doesn’t have skin protection factor. Its  scalp friendly.
5. Color Moist Conditioner has butters and emollients that can help with irritated scalps.  


Why Love it: Scalp will feel and smell fresh and clean and irritation will subside


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