A Field Of Fortune - By Stephen Ramsey


A Field of Fortune: The fantastic adventures of Potato Patty, Tater Tot & Ketchup


Welcome to Lady Bird Lane, home and farm of Ernest and Cora McSeamly and the birthplace of the most fantastic adventure you will ever hear. A “Field of Fortune” is a tale of three little rag dolls, Potato Patty, her sister Tater Tot, and Ketchup, their horse. Cora McSeamly, a seamstress, inspired by a mysterious voice in a dream, created Potato Patty, Tater Tot and Ketchup. She had no idea why she made them, but she was certain that they were destined to help her and Ernest in some way; as the potato farm that had been in their family for generations was failing. And help they did! With the magic of Agatha, the Fairy Godmother, Potato Patty, Tater Tot and Ketchup were brought to life, but they were only alive when humans were not around. Ernest, unaware of their purpose, assumed that Cora simply made the dolls to be sold at the local Farmers’ Market. Half way to the Farmers’ Market the dolls awoke to find themselves in an awkward predicament. They needed to get back home. So once the car stopped at a stop sign and while Ernest was engaged in conversation with his neighbor, Clifford, they all jumped out and ran into the McSeamly’s potato field. That’s where the adventure began. Amidst hardship, they soon triumph; assisted by a stray cat named Aggie, they learn lots of life’s little lessons. One of which is the meaning of “destiny”. What will be the destiny of the three little rag dolls, Potato Patty, Tater Tot and Ketchup? They find a “Field of Fortune” of course.

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