Flex Hold Styling Gel: Featured Product of the Week

Here at Christopher Stephens, our products are designed by a team of cosmetic chemists that we selected to engineer our product line. Every ingredient in our product line was carefully selected, including the water (steam distilled, of course).

Our products are very concentrated for performance and consumer value. We have over 35 different products to choose from in our Christopher Stephens Signature line. Our products are developed in a lab that has all of the values that we here at Christopher Stephens believe in, such as heat protection, UV protection and humidity protection, which all of our stylists as well as our client base can appreciate, here in sunny South Florida.

Our product developers use natural fruit-derived pectin from Denmark, keratin from New Zealand, argan oil from Africa (refined in the finest Italian processing plants), fragrances from Spain and the latest Japanese anti-aging ingredients, insuring that our products perform with the very latest technology.

Our product line does not contain sulfates, salts, gluten or paraben, and best of all our products have no animal by-products and are not tested on animals!

Today's Featured product is Christopher Stephens brand "Flex Hold Styling Gel". If you're looking for a gel with fantastic volume, control and shine, without being stiff, sticky or flaky, then we have the perfect gel for you.

 Flex Hold styling gel is a sheer, light weight, clean feeling gel, and with added anti-humectants  it will hold your style in even the highest humidity. It never gets hard or crunchy, yet it hold up all day long. Also, unlike lots of other gels, you can even feel free to wear dark colored clothes without the fear of the dreaded white flake, gel snowstorm all over your shoulders. Flex Hold styling gel is also petrochemical (petroleum) free, formaldehyde free and gluten free. So, if you're looking for a super clean and superior performing styling gel, then look no further.

To use: Apply a small amount to damp hair, comb through, finger style and allow to air dry, or blow dry as desired.

If you would like to purchase Flex Hold styling gel, simply click here.

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