Growing your Bangs with Ease

Christopher Stephens Salon West Palm BeachSo you got bangs, but now you’re kind of sick of them right? Well you might be thinking: "Great! Now I have to wait months and months for them to grow out!” That's not entirely true! There are in fact several things that you can do to grow out your bangs faster and with much more ease than you ever thought! Plus, bangs are so last season! Celebrities are now trading in their bangs for loose up dos and longer, side-swept bangs. If you'd like to grow out your bangs I can walk you through it. I'll get you there, as painlessly and quickly as possible, I promise.  

Here’s how:

Buy a stretchy hair band. Getting a chic, fashionable hair band is a great idea because it can be worn at any stage of the re-growth process. Put it right at your hairline, or push it back a little further to grab and hold any strays. As a side note, hair bands can also hide that pesky grey re-growth around your hairline when you're due for color.

Use hairspray: 

Using hairspray will keep your bangs back as well as tame any fly-a-ways. So if you’re sick of having them in your face, use some bobby pins or barrettes to pin back the hair and follow up with some hairspray.

Do different parts: 

You can always experiment with different parts, which is probably the best way to grow out your bangs. You can divide your bangs right down the middle and use bobby pins to make them stay put, or use some gel to slick them straight back off the forehead for a chic, no-part look.

They're in my eyes:

So, you're bangs are growing out, but now they are in your eyes? An easy trick to help with that is to get some layers around your face by a qualified hair stylist. have the stylist start the layers at about bottom lip length and angle down; blending into the rest of the hair. After the hair is blown dry and texturized, your bangs should blend with your new layering to make a not so "in your face" side bang.   

Be patient: 

Although these tips will keep your hair away from your forehead and speed the growth process, it will still take time. If you recently got bangs and you’re already thinking about trading them in, wait about 3 weeks, after which the hair will be much easier to style and then you can start using the above steps.

I hope these tips have helped you. If you need more help, give us a call; we'd be happy to help.

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