Here's a Neat Trick to Clean Up Your Act

Christopher Stephens Salon West Palm BeachIf you are like most women, by the end of the day your gorgeous blow out from that morning is as flat as a pancake. To boost volume without re-doing your do, try this little trick: Bend over and blast your roots with dry shampoo. Leave it in for a minute or two and then simply use your finger tips to massage the dry shampoo throughout the hair and scalp for just a minute, as if you are washing your hair in the shower. It will remove any oily scalp residue, dirt or debris that your hair might have picked up in an average day. It will leave your hair feeling clean and refreshed while adding fantastic volume to the hair. This little trick can allow you to maintain a hair do for up to 3 or 4 days!

The added benefits of less frequent hair washing includes less damage to the hair, caused by chlorine in tap water, less dry scalp issues, more spare time since it saves you the hassle of washing and blow drying your hair, which in turn results in less heat damage to the hair and scalp. Best of all, with less frequent hair washing your hair color that you spent so much money on will not fade so fast. It's a win, win all around.   

If you'd like to try great, top quality dry shampoo and experience the difference for yourself try Christopher Stephens dry shampoo Freshen Up.

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