Quick Tips for Better Styling

Let's face it, your hair is your crown and glory, and it’s no secret that if you love how your hair looks, you’ll feel like you can take on the world. Though it’s virtually impossible to never have a bad hair day again, there are some quick, every day tips that will help to keep your hair looking good the majority of the time. Whether you’re trying to get your hair healthier, wondering about whether or not to color your hair or you’re simply searching for ways to make styling your hair easier, below are some hair tips that may just help you to have more good hair days.

  • To keep stray hairs at bay, spray hairspray onto a clean brush and then just brush away any misbehaving hairs.
  • Growing out your hair? There are certain foods that will help your hair grow faster, like salmon, yellow peppers, eggs and more. There really is something to be said about, "you are what you eat."
  • Never use a stiff bristle brush on wet hair to detangle it. Instead, stick to a wide toothed comb to avoid breakage when your hair is wet. If you insist on using a brush on wet hair you can use a "Wet Brush", they won't break your hair like other brushes will.
  • The textured side of the bobby pin is actually the side that should rest against your head for optimal hold. (I bet you never knew that.)
  • To make your blowout last longer, hit your hair with your blow dryer on the cool setting once you’re done styling. Heat styles hair, but cool air sets it.
  • Dry shampoo not only absorbs excess oil in your hair, it also gives it volume. Even if your hair is squeaky clean, apply dry shampoo at the root to give it an extra lift.
  • Help protect your hair color and make it last longer, by using a UV-protection hairspray and use it before heading outside year-round, not just in the summer.
  • To get your bobby pins to really stay in place, spray them with hairspray before putting them in your hair.
  • When applying hair serum, stick to the ends of your hair, not the roots. By applying at your ends, you’ll help smooth out any dry, split ends.
  • Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can help to decrease the amount of breakage happening to your hair when you toss and turn throughout the night.
  • To keep blonde hair color pure, use silver shampoo. Silver shampoo also helps to eliminate yellow tones in grey hair.
  • When styling your hair, keep in mind that dirty hair holds style better. If your hair is clean, use products like texturizing gel and a root booster to give it better hold.
  • A low heat setting on a hot styling tool can be just as dangerous as a high heat setting. Reason being is that on a lower heat setting you’ll be passing over your hair more frequently. Set your tools on a medium temperature and try not to use them every day.
  • When using a flatiron on your hair make sure to release pleasure and open the iron before it goes over the ends of the hair. Repeated passes of a flatiron with tight tension on the ends of the hair will lead to frayed and split ends.

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