The Shape of Color

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that it sounds a bit weird that certain hair colors suit different face shapes. But just like a haircut can frame your face in the perfect way to bring out your best features, so can a hair color. Cool concept, right?

So, which hair color will be able to accentuate your features best? Christopher ,  Christopher Stephens American Board of Certified Hair Colorist, gives you the lowdown on which color route to take depending on which of the three main face shape categories you fall into; whether round/square, diamond/oblong or heart/triangle shaped face.

He says that you should remember these simple color rules, regarding face shape. Which I think you'll find that the color rules are as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Lighter colors in the crown region can give the illusion of volume and height.

2. Color that is 1 to 2 shades lighter in the temple area will give a more youthful appearance.

3. Light colors draw eyes toward a certain area and a darker shade works to draw eyes away from that area.

If your face is round/square…

Those with wider face shapes and larger features should stick to lighter colors on top and ends with tonal highlights and variation, with deeper colors around the sides of the face as this will give the face a slimmer appearance. According to Chris, a single, flat hair color can widen the face and draw unwanted attention to certain facial features. If you’re worried that lighter hair won’t suit your skin tone, she’s got some suggestions for you. For creamy skin tones, she recommends golden, honey, and beige blonde colors, while subtle versions of these shades also suit olive and golden skin tones and can be incorporated as highlights for brunettes looking for a seasonal change.

If your face is diamond/oblong…

One long length of hair will draw the face down, further elongating features. The solution? For the haircut, create layers throughout the hair to break up the length. For the color, the roots and the underneath hair should be colored deeper, while lighter pieces frame the face and hairline. Try weaving different shades of color throughout your hair to soften your face and create more roundness. For blondes, a mixture of creamy blonde, caramel, and golden brown will help soften your features, and those with darker skin tones and hair will find that natural lighter brown highlights will do the trick.

If your face is heart/triangle…

Smaller features and squarer faces can get away with wearing solid, glossy hair colors such as a rich black, a warm brown, or even a platinum blonde. To spice it up and really accentuate your best features, Chris suggests, using a deeper color on the top of the head and crown area while keeping it lighter on the mid-lengths and ends and around the hairline. In other words, an Ombre hair coloring technique would work magic for you. He also suggests hairstyles that are all one length for those with smaller features. Side note: This type of color and cut looks awesome with beach waves.

If you are unclear as to your face shape and are in need of a color consultation, call your favorite salon. Your perfect color could also be as easy as 1, 2, 3.


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