Board Certifed Hair Colorists In West Palm Beach Florida

The American Board of Certified Hair Colorists is a standard by which to measure the competence of hair colorists. Becoming an American Board Certified Hair Colorist means setting a higher standard of professionalism in hair color formulation and application within the cosmetology and beauty industry. Board Certified Hair Colorists have the ability to perform practical and complex hair color applications and hair color correction. They have knowledge of hair color chemistry and technical terminology. There are currently only just over 1000 Board Certified Hair Colorists in the entire US at this time and we have three of them!


What is a Board Certified Hair Colorist?

A Board Certified Hair Colorist is an individual that has passed a stringent test mechanism established by a committee of his/her peers. The test mechanism is established to measure the competence of the applicant's hair coloring skills.


Why is there a need for certification?

The purpose of establishing certification is to recognize those individuals with a greater degree of competence from those that have not yet reached a higher level. Clearly, there are various levels of competence in hair coloring. The goal is to recognize those individuals who have gone the extra mile to become the very best in their craft. To the consumer, the term "Board Certified" is recognized as being a higher level of competence.


Why should someone go to a Board Certified Hair Colorist?

The Hair Colorists who are Board Certified (would never compromise the condition of your hair for the sake of being creative) are the most educated and talented in the world. They have passed a stringent examination by a panel of Certified Master Hair Colorists. They have the ability and the knowledge to keep your hair healthy and vibrant looking while maintaining a beautiful natural hair color.



Board Certified Hair Colorist