A $15 Referral Reward can be yours! And here's how...

We’re excited to share our Referral Program is back and better-than-EVER! Now your friends/family/co-workers/etc. can enjoy a special offer. And, most importantly, you can too!

The steps are simple…here’s how it goes:

1. You’re in the salon and feeling FABULOUS after an amazing appointment with your favorite Stylist.

2. Refer your Friend and make sure they mention you referred them at time of booking.  Referral Cards will also be available at the salon to give out. 

3. Give this card to anyone looking to change up their hair. A new guest is anyone who hasn’t received services at Christopher Stephens Salon.

 Your Friend gets $15 off their First service at the salon of $40 or more.

4. A $15 Credit will be added to your account automatically for you to use on your next visit.

Now that, my friends, is BEAUTIFUL.

There’s no limit to the number of Referral Rewards YOU can receive. Just keep sending your friends our way and we’ll keep giving rewards to you. 

Spread the good word. Share the beauty. And, get rewarded!