5 Steps to Fuller Hair

Christopher Stephens Salon West Palm BeachHave you ever wondered how hairstylists and movie stars get that full and volumous, sexy flowing hair? Below you will find five easy steps to make your hair more volumous, at home and you don’t have to have a movie stars budget or a team of stylists.

STEP 1: Towel dry your hair then mist the ends with a leave-in-conditioner, followed by a volumizing gel or mousse from root to end. Flip your head over and start blow-drying your roots using your fingers to pull your hair away from your scalp, and then dry the rest of your hair until it is slightly damp.

 STEP 2: Bring your hair upright and wrap large 1-inch sections of hair in Velcro rollers. Once all of your hair is set, blow-dry it with a diffuser for about 10 minutes on the hottest setting, then 10 minutes on cool. (Alternative options: Use large hot rollers or a curling iron but first make sure that your hair is 100 percent dry.)

STEP 3: Remove the rollers, and then mix one drop each of shine serum and light gel (the perfect combo for hold and shine) between your fingers, then run your hands throughout the length of your hair.

STEP 4: For an extra body boost, gently tease your roots around the crown of your head, Finish by finger-tousling your hair into a cascade of loose come-hither curls, and give your locks a light spritz with hairspray. If your hair starts to droop anytime thereafter, flip your head over (upside down), spray it with hairspray, flip it back upright and re-fluff.

STEP 5: Major mane booster: Many women are unaware of this little gem. Chopsticks have a hidden use. They can give your hair loads of volume. Right after blow-drying your hair, while your hair is still warm, twist it into a bun and slip the sticks through the bun, crisscrossing them to lock the bun in place. Remove the sticks when your hair has cooled, usually after about ten minutes, and voilà — beautiful body.

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