The 5 Biggest Hair Myths…. BUSTED

Christopher Stephens Salon West Palm BeachToday’s blog might just strike a nerve with some people; especially since I will be disproving a few hair urban legends. We’ve all heard them; in fact these myths are usually taken as common, everyday knowledge. They have been passed down from mother to child or perhaps friend to friend for centuries, most likely.

As a hair stylist, I try to properly educate all of my clients with the most current and up to date hair knowledge possible. However, there are times when my knowledge falls on deaf ears. It seems that some people would much rather believe what they have heard their whole life, even though told that they are misinformed.

Be that as it may, below are my top five hair myths… Believe it or not!    

  1. Is Plucking Gray Hairs Okay?

You know that old saying that for every grey hair you pluck two will grow back in its place? Not true! If you have only a few gray hairs, I recommend you cut them rather than tweezing. Constant plucking over time will damage the follicle causing the hair to simply stop growing -- and you might need that hair someday.


  1. Are Perms Permanent?

We hear it all the time in the salon, "When I was in high school I permed my stick-straight hair and it's been curly ever since!" Not true. The texture of your hair is determined by the shape of your hair follicles, which may change as your body evolves over a lifetime. It's not unheard of for hair to go from straight to curly and then back again. The same is true for curly hair that has been straightened.

  1. I Just Don't Look Good with Curly Hair
Not true! Curly hair, more often than not, will make your features look softer and more youthful, as straight styles can be severe and aging. Every curly-haired woman has the potential to love her hair -- if you don't, try finding a stylist who specializes in curls to teach you how to make them work for you.

 4.  Will a Cool Rinse Add Shine?

A cool-water rinse is a common last step during a salon shampoo to make the hair shinier. While it may reduce some frizz by sealing the cuticle, the real value of the cool rinse is actually to the scalp. Like the pores on your face, cleansing with warm water opens up the hair follicles, which allows your scalp to release oil and toxins. A quick shot of cool water helps seal them up again to keep your scalp balanced.

 5.  They're Just Cowlicks, Right?

Many women believe that they have straight hair with just a few dysfunctional pieces called "cowlicks." But usually you'll find those pieces aren't misbehaving after all -- hair can simply have varied textures throughout. Even women with straight, fine hair can have some curl hiding within. If you have hair like this, a layered cut is a great way to help mix different textures and encourage hair to spring up instead of lying flat -- which makes textured areas stand out instead of blending in.

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