Celebrity Styles and You

Christopher Stephens Salon West Palm BeachAs a culture, I don’t really think we can help it. We look to celebrities to set our hairstyle trends each season. How many of us wanted those chunky “Rachel” layers after first seeing Jennifer Aniston’s hair so many years ago? And I must confess I am guilty of cutting my hair to look like Gerard Butler’s tousled locks. Every time we see a celebrity with a new hairstyle we almost automatically wonder how it would look on us. There are even websites that allow us to upload a photo of ourselves and “try on” different celebrity hairstyles to see which trend fits best. But why do we do it? What’s behind the phenomenon of looking to the famous for the fads of the season?

Quite simply, it’s because they look so good. Celebrities make their livings by being flawless and trendsetting from head to toe. They have to maintain their glamorous public image practically every moment of every day. Many celebrities have individuals on their payroll whose sole purpose is to make sure that they look good and often that means changing their hairstyles each season, or more frequently, this subsequently setting hairstyle trends. Deep down each of us wants a small piece of that glamorous lifestyle; to be beautiful, admired and sought after. So we look to the famous to decide our hairstyle trends and try our best to emulate them.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with celebrity emulation. But there are just a couple of things we may want to keep in mind while we follow celebrity hairstyle trends from one year to the next. First, we want to make sure that we continue to maintain our individuality. Each of us is a unique person and we shouldn’t lose our personal style in trying to keep up with trends. Second, we have to make sure that whatever style we do chose fits our age and circumstances. It would not do to show up in the corporate world with a Mohawk just because it’s the trend right now.

Let the celebrities do their thing; you are unique and should choose a hairstyle that looks good on you and that you can easily maintain. Feel free to try the latest hair styles and get a fresh new look, but stay true to you!

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