The Starry Eyed Girl

Christopher Stephens Salon West Palm BeachThe biggest stars and great hair-dos often walk hand in hand. While you may catch a glimpse of a star with a not so perfect hair-do, most of the time their hair is tamed and beautiful. Celebrities have a whole team of stylists and colorists working for them, but you can have beautiful hair if you follow some of these basic tips. 

You get what you pay for: While bargain cutters will save you big bucks it doesn't mean you will get the best look. Often times with haircuts and colors you get what you pay for in terms of professionals. Those expensive professionals are expensive for a reason. If just any old hair stylist were to open a salon and start charging people $75 for a haircut, that salon would go out of business rather quickly. In other words, you don’t go to a fast food, burger joint when you’re looking for fine dining. When it comes to cutting and coloring your hair, leave it to the professionals and spend the extra buck to get the best look.

Know what doesn't work: When Jessica Simpson first hit the scene, she went very short and bleach blond. The color didn't work for her and she has transformed her hair into a beautiful long golden look that does work. Learn from your mistakes, if blond didn't work the first time, what makes you think it will work the second?

Maintenance is the key: How many stars walk down the runway with split ends and dark roots? If the stars aren't, then why are you? Keep your cut and color in top condition by maintaining regular hair appointments or root coloring on a religious basis. 

Spend the extra money on the products: Sure, the grocery store brand is on sale for .49¢ but that doesn't mean it gets you the best end results. With hair care products, you often get what you pay for. Lines like our Christopher Stephens brand product line can save you some money in the salon. It is a top-quality product line, but not as expensive as a lot of others. You can also watch for products to go on sale.


Accessorize: Celebrities often add a headband, hair clip, barrette or hairpin to dress up their style. These accents can often change the boring into beautiful and the normal into unique. A strategically placed hair accessory can accent your hair-do and turn into something you would see gracing the runways. 

Don't be a victim: Although some celebrities go wild from time to time with their do's, most of them stay well within comfortable limits. Carmen Electra and Jennifer Aniston are two examples of celebrities that tend to stay close to classic looks that look perfect for them. While you might want to alter the length, a little or go a bit darker or lighter, try and steer clear of wild fads. 

Don't do bed head: Bed head requires a skillful touch to look chic. Don't hop out of bed and just go out, it doesn't work. Looking messy can be a terrible statement and can very well make you look under dressed for the occasion. 

No matter what you do… learn from your mistakes and learn what hair-dos work well for you. Celebrities might have a team of stylists, but with a little work and practice you can turn that messy mane into a well-groomed and beautiful coif.

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