Vacation Hairstyles Made Quick & Easy

Vacation hairstyles should be as quick and easy as possible, without sacrificing style. Here, the hairstyle experts at Matrix share the best hairstyles for every kind of summer vacation, along with the complete step-by-step hair tutorials and essential hair products to pack.

Beach Waves Christopher Stephens Salon1. BEACH WAVES

Where you’re going: A beach escape
Kite surfing, shell collecting, umbrella drinks—these top your relaxed to-do list. At the very bottom of that list? Blow-drying your hair! Why waste precious beach time smoothing your strands when Nature is already giving you a head start in the beach wave department?

How to do it:

• Start first thing in the morning, before you hit the beach, with clean, damp hair.
• Apply a styling cream and comb through with a wide-tooth comb for even distribution.
• Divide your hair into three sections—bangs and two back sections.
• Comb through one of the back sections, twist it tightly until it collapses into a low bun. Be sure to twist and tuck the ends neatly.
• Secure the bun with pins.
• Repeat on the other back section.
• Comb through the remaining front section and twist it tightly away from your face.
• Head to the beach!
• When your hair is dry, release the buns.
• Mist with sea salt spray and scrunch the spray into your hair for beautiful beach wave texture.

The hair styling products to pack:
A hair style cream to provide control and fight frizzy hair; a sea salt spray to encourage beachy hair texture.

High Messy Bun Christopher Stephens Salon2. HIGH MESSY BUN

Where you’re going: City tour
Museums, cafes, shopping—it’s an urban-lover’s dream come true. A high messy bun will strike the perfect balance between summer casual and urban chic, plus it will keep you cool on those hot city streets!

How to do it:

• Divide your hair into manageable sections.
• Mist each section with dry shampoo and gently tease hair.
• Gather your hair high on your head.
• Secure into a ponytail with an elastic.
• Pull your ponytail halfway through, wrap the elastic around the hair, then pull the rest of the tail through, wrapping the hair around and into a bun.
• Gently pull apart the bun to expand the shape.
• Loosen the hair in front and in back of the bun.
• Use bobby pins around the base to secure the bun if necessary.
• Release a few fine sections around the front hairline.

What to pack: Hair product build-up and pollution can steal the shine from hair in the city. Bring along a dry shampoo and a shine product to gently whisk away dirt and debris and restore hair shine. (It can also double as a body scrub, and save precious space in your suitcase!)

Loose Waves Christopher Stephens Salon3. BARELY-THERE LOOSE WAVES FOR LONG HAIR

Where you’re going: A desert resort
If you’re prone to frizzy hair, the warm desert air will become your BFF. Zero moisture in the air means frizz-free, smooth hair. However, hair body and volume may become issues. Fortunately, the hair trend right now is all about barely-there, rumpled hair waves—the perfect desert hair texture.

How to do it:

• Mist clean, dry hair with a heat protection spray that also adds body and shine.
• Divide your hair in half.
• Create two large, loose braids with each half.
• Insert a large flat iron (1- or 1 ½-inches) at the top of the first braid and press. Hold until the hair has been heated through, then release.
• Work down the entire braid in this manner, pressing, holding and releasing the flat iron.
• Repeat on the other side.
• Allow the hair to cool.
• Release the braids, rake through with your fingers and work in a few drops of hair treatment oil to amplify shine.

What to pack: A light weight conditioner that will supply your hair with the moisture it needs in a dry climate, without the weight. A refreshing moisturizing hair mist to perk up strands throughout the day.

Messy Bun Curly Hair Christopher Stephens Salon4. EASY MESSY BUN FOR CURLY HAIR

Where you’re going: Camping with the family and Hair styling in the woods? Meh. You’d much rather pass the time hiking and catching up with your peeps around the campfire. A messy bun is the perfect solution—it will look neat and stay out of your way. You can even accessorize with nature—flowers, leaves, etc!

How to do it:

• Prep your curls before you hit the road by working a styling cream into damp strands and twisting sections together to define the coils.
• When your hair is dry, gently untwist each section.
• When it’s messy bun time, refresh your curls with a moisturizing hairspray.
• Gather all of your hair on the top of your head and brush the scalp section to smooth.
• Secure in a high ponytail.
• Divide the ponytail in half. Twist each half tightly, top to ends.
• Wind the twisted halves together and coil them into a loose bun, tucking the ends under the bun, out of sight.
• Secure the bun at the base with bobby pins.
• Gently pull the bun apart to expand the shape.

What to pack: Dry Shampoo to keep your scalp and hair feeling fresh until you get back to the campground showers!

Double Fishtail Braid Christopher Stephens Salon5. DOUBLE FRENCH FISHTAIL BRAIDS

Where you’re going: Eco touring
What better way to observe the earth’s natural wonders than with braids inspired by our ocean friends! Pigtail braids are the season’s hottest braid trend, and French fishtail braids raise your braid game from ordinary to something special.

How to do it:

• Part your hair in the middle.
• On the first side, create a small section on top, off of the part in front and divide it in half.
• Pick up a small strand of hair from behind the back subsection cross it over the back subsection and combine it with the front subsection.
• Then pick up a small strand of hair from in front of the front subsection, cross it over the front subsection and combine it with the back subsection.
• Repeat this braid pattern, braiding in a diagonal direction, until you reach the nape of your neck.
• At the nape, switch to a fishtail braid by incorporating small strands from the outside of each subsection as you braid.
• Work to the ends, then gently loosen the braid to widen and plump the shape.
• Secure the ends with an elastic and repeat on the other side.

What to pack: Walk the talk on your eco friendly trip with vegan hair care products that are free of any animal byproducts and have not been tested on animals.

Halo Braid Christopher Stephens Salon6. DISHEVELED HALO BRAID

Where you’re going: Destination wedding
As much as you’d love to live in your messy bun all summer, that hairstyle just won’t cut it for your sister’s wedding. With a halo braid, you show up with a bit more polish than if you get with a messy bun, but it’s still a cool and comfortable hairstyle.

How to do it:

• Part your hair down the center and divide it into two equal sections.
• Braid one side as far down as possible and secure the braid with a small elastic.
• Repeat on the other side.
• Use your fingertips to spread the braids apart and make them wider.
• Mist each braid with hairspray.
• Run your fingers along the braid from bottom to top to create a roughened hair texture.
• Flip each braid up and over the top of your head and secure with bobby pins.
• Once the braids are tight to the head, remove the elastics at the ends of each braid.
• Twist and shape the tips and pin them to the head with bobby pins.
• Loosen the braids, the hair beneath the braids and the hair around your face for a flowy, feminine look.

What to pack: A multi-tasking hairspray that provides touchable hold, volume and texture to support every hairstyle through the wedding weekend.

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