Rules of Natural Hair Coloring 101

"Natural Hair Color" - should look natural!

West Palm Beach Hair Color Salon

So you go to your hair stylist and show them a picture of a blond but you are dark brown...hum! Youtell your stylist you want it to look natural...hum. You tell them you don't want to have to come in every five weeks to get your hair colored...hum. And you especially do not want any brassiness...hum!

Well here a few rules of them you need to think about before having this discussion with your stylist:

Do not try to lighten your hair more than 2 levels lighter than your natural color.
The base of your hair should always be slightly darker than the ends. Think of how your hair naturally lightens in the sun.

The top of your hair should be lighter than the underneath. This is where the sun hits it.
The hair around the face should be lighter than the hair in the back.
You should have more of the darker shade rather than the lighter.
Be realistic, think about how the color will look, think and prepare yourself for the maintenance and think if you are ready for the expense. Stop by anytime to have a consultation with one of our stylists. And make sure you use professional products at home to care for your hair. At Christopher Stephens Salon and Spa we recommend using Christopher Stephens Hair Care Products.

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