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Christopher Stephens Salon How many of us cringe at our image in the mirror after getting a new haircut? Unfortunately, your new hairstyle may look completely different than the one that you adored in a haircut magazine, on TV, Google or Pintrest. One major factor that can affect the way your new hairstyle looks is the shape of your face. The right hairstyle accentuates your positive features while drawing attention away from those that you don't consider positive. As you think of your new hairstyle, you should consider the following as well: the texture of your hair, your age and your lifestyle requirements.

In choosing the right hairstyles for your face shape, it's important to know your face shape in the first place. While your hair stylist can help you determine face shape and create a hairstyle that compliments your specific face shape and features, the guidelines below will help give you some insight on things to consider before going to the salon. Let's take a look at face shapes and adjustments which can be made to the haircut to provide balance and enhance your look.

A Square Shaped Face:

Balance is key in this face shape. Keep the sides leaner and short, while wearing the top longer and styled a bit higher. Keep the hair clean around the ears and make sure the style mirrors the square shape of the face - this will help make the square face shape pop.

Characteristics of a square shaped face: square jaw line, almost as wide as long, straight sides, jaw and cheekbones the same width.

A Heart Shaped Face:

For the Heart face shape, the goal is to minimize wider cheekbones and balance out a narrow chin and forehead. To do this, opt for a style with bangs to minimize the forehead. Longer shag hairstyles also work well for the diamond face.

Characteristics of a heart shaped face: cheekbones are widest part of the face, forehead and jaw line are narrow, long pointed jaw line.

Triangular Shaped face:  

Forehead and cheekbones are narrow with a wide jaw line. Inverted Triangle face shape Similar in appearance to the heart shape, but more angular. Oblong shaped face Face is longer than it is wide with a long straight cheek line.

Characteristics of a triangular shaped face: cheekbones are widest part of the face, forehead and jaw line are narrow, long pointed jaw line.

A Rectangular Shaped Face:

A style which is longer on the sides and short on top will make the face appear less long and provide better balance. Go with a cut that has some layers and is worn so the front hairline is disguised. A neatly groomed beard can help provide additional balance on men. Don't allow the facial hair to become too long as this will lengthen the face. Glasses can also provide balance by dividing the face and drawing attention away from the length of the face.

Characteristics of a rectangular shaped face: face longer than it is wide, often rounded jaw line, cheekbones and jaw the same width.

An Oval Shaped Face:

Most any style is suitable as this is considered the ideal face shape. That said, attention should be paid to other prominent features such as the nose and position of the eyes and ears. If you fall into the Oval category, consider yourself lucky as almost any style will look good on you.

Characteristics of an oval shaped face: considered the ideal shape, slightly rounded jaw, no unusual characteristics (e.g. large mouth, nose or eyes), face shape resembles the shape of an egg.

A Round Shaped Face:

Similar to the square shaped face, balance is also key with this face. Stay away from full or round hairstyles as they will make the face appear more rounded. Keep the sides leaner and style the hair a bit higher at the top and front to provide balance. An off-center part or some waves at eye level will help minimize roundness. Round faces are better with more square hairstyles.

Characteristics of a round shaped face: jaw line is round, face almost as wide as tall, round cheekbones.

If you are unsure as to your specific face shape refer to the diagram below. Your stylist should also be able to give you some guidance. If you're in the West Palm Beach area give us call any time.

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